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Rental bike or own bike?

The use of a bicycle for the duration of the tour is included in the tour price on some tours. These bikes are of good quality and of famous U.S. brands (such as Trek, Giant, Cannondale). On other tours bike rental is optional (and charged extra) or not possible so on these tours you can, or have to bring your own bicycle. These options are described at all tours.

It is possible to let your bike fly with you as (extra) luggage. For this you must pack your bike in a hard-case bike suitcase, bike box or bike bag. Boxes will be stored at the tour company for the duration of the tour. If the tour ends in another place, your bike bag or foldable cardboard box will be transported to this place. For such transport of a bike case sometimes a fee applies

  • Check your airline for the most recent information regarding regulations for the transportation of bicycles.
  • When you use your own bike please ensure that it is in good condition. The U.S. tour guides/mechanics will of course help you with a break down, but they do not take care of deferred maintenance.

The routes our American tour leaders have set out are based on their local expertise.
They pay special attention to the following aspects


The routes are set out as beautiful and varied as possible through the region of your choice. During the guided tours you will have ample opportunity to hold at the scenic highlights.


Our routes are balanced whenever possible to let your cycling efforts be equal each day. They are dependent on the accommodation locations though. This means that the daily routes are as balanced as possible, but you do not cycle exactly the same distance every day and (if applicable) do not cover the same amount of altitude difference.

Rides / Events

These (road) tours are mostly organized annually. The route often has a specific historical meaning and sometimes such a tour is sponsored. There are 50-200 participants and there is an atmosphere of friendliness and camaraderie.

Rails to Trails

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization in the U.S., whose mission it is to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people. Rails-to-Trails sees a future where 90 percent of Americans live within three miles of a trail system.