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Traffic rules

The general traffic regulations in the U.S. are very similar to those in most other western counties. There is right-hand traffic and road signs are easy to understand. From state to state there are small differences. The ‘right of way’ rules and traffic signs do not distinguish between bicycles and motorized traffic.

American roads

Most roads in the USA are wide and well maintained and the surface is predominantly of smooth asphalt. There are some cycle paths but often you share the road with other traffic – on certain sections you will cycle on a separate bicycle lane or the shoulder of the road. There are more and more long-distance bicycle paths, which are often made of converted railroad tracks through the “Rails to Trails” program.
Most roads in America were created when the first cars appeared and there was a prerequisite to the construction that a less powerful car could take the hills. So, for a cyclist the climbs in mountainous areas are often pleasant because of the graduated elevation.

Bicycle helmet

A bicycle helmet is mandatory on all our tours. You can bring your own helmet or use one of the tour companies – this option is specified at each tour or we inform for you. A useful accessory is a small mirror mounted on the handlebars or your helmet, to monitor the traffic coming from behind.

During your bike tour

The security during your tour is in the good hands of our local partner. Security measures are always clearly explained and reflected in the choice of safe cycling routes, good biking materials, reliable accommodation and a solid support during the tour. Needless to say that we and our U.S. partners are not responsible for your own cycling behavior during the tour.


When you join a tour leader or a mechanic will do a guided tour repairs. During a self-guided tour, you are dependent on your own skills, repair kit and spare parts in case of smaller defects. For more complicated repairs or in the case that you cannot continue cycling support is available, and you can visit a good bicycle shop in almost all major towns. Furthermore our tour staff can always advise you in case of a breakdown or replace your bicycle.