Tour Finder


Choosing a tour

Which tour fits me best?
With our “Tour Finder” you can select the type of tour (hybrid, race, mountain or E-bike), the level of guidance (guided or independent), the cycling area, and the preferred period.
Among other characteristics: the daily distances, and the tour level, are indicated at each tour.

Does a tour correspond with my stamina?
A mountain bike ride of 12.5 miles (20 km) can be more strenuous than a recreational trip of 30 miles (50 km) on flat terrain. Therefore we use three levels of physical fitness as a measure:
– Easy – you are untrained and in a normal physical condition;
– Moderate – you cycle regularly and you are in a good physical condition;
– Challenging – you are an experienced cyclist and you are well-trained.
The level is indicated at each tour.

Can I use my own bike or rent one at the tour start?
In a number of tours the use of a bicycle is included, or a bike can be rented. The rental bikes are of good quality and renowned brands and are adapted to the type of tour. Information about the equipment options can be found at each tour. You can also bring your own bike to the tour start – you will receive more details about this after your tour booking. For some tours you will have to bring your own bike.

How is the support during a self-guided tour?
You ride individually but you get maps and directions. Support is also always available if you require assistance.

When does my tour start and end?
Both start and finish times of the tour are listed at the tour details. At the start there is time for instruction of routes and equipment, and sometimes a short local bike tour. At the guided tours there is often a communal dinner where you get to know the other tour participants. Most tours end on the morning of the last day, after breakfast. If you want to arrive before the tour start or stay after the tour finish, extra accommodation nights can be booked.
Whenever possible, routes utilize bike lanes, cycle paths and traffic calmed roads and highways.

What if I break down on my rental bike?
On a guided tour the guide or the support-van crew will repair or replace the bicycle. During a self-guided tour, you take care of the simple repairs (e.g. a flat tire) yourself. In case of a more severe defect you can call our local guide. They will have the repair done by a local bicycle repair shop or they will have the rental bike replaced.

On a guided tour, I am riding with a group. What is the pace like?
First of all: it is your vacation and not a race. At each tour a certain level is given which indicates whether the tour matches your fitness and cycling experience. Even on guided tours you can often choose your own pace. If you are a fast cyclist you can use the route directions and go your own way. If you stop a lot or if you are a slow rider there is always a tour guide to pick you up or the support van that can take you and your bike.

Can the tour not take place?
Guided tours will occasionally not have enough participants. In such (rare) case, your tour can be cancelled until at least 30 days before the start. If possible we offer alternatives and if that is not possible, we shall of course refund all payments made until then. We will not be responsible for non-refundable air fare.

Payments / Changes

How do I pay?
Credit card, PayPal or bank-to-bank (Euros or US-dollar bank account). If you choose to pay by credit card there is a 3% fee. If you are located in the U.S it is preferable that you pay by check. Your check can be made out to USA Bike Tours, and mailed to P.O Box 535 Julian CA 92036

Transparent prices
The tour price per person is based on two people sharing a double room. Tour prices include taxes.

In which currency can I pay?
You can pay us in dollars. The tour price is indicated on each tour. The fixed tour price (for one calendar year) is in US-dollars. The price in other currencies is based on the exchange middle rate for that day. You do not pay the (often used) higher currency purchase rate.

What are the payment conditions?
The deposit payment for a tour is mentioned under the conditions menu and must be paid within two weeks after the booking is confirmed.
The remaining payment is due 90 days before the start of the tour. In case of a tour over 30 days the remaining payment is due 120 days before the start of the tour. For tours that are booked within 90 days (or 120 days for tours over 30 days) before the start of the tour you will pay 100% of the tour price
One day tours must be paid in full at time of booking.

What happens if I have to cancel my tour? 
We charge 300 USD cancellation fee when you cancel the tour ninety (*) days or more before the tour start date the remaining tour price is refunded to you. Please note the cancellation fees can differ per tour. You can ask us for the correct cancellation fees for your chosen tour. In the future we will make this visible per tour.
– 90 to 60 days – 50% of the tour price
– 60 to 35 days – 75% of the tour price
– 35 to 0 days – No refund

Please note that the following cancellation fees apply for all cross country tours and other tours for over 30 days if the cancellation request is received:
– 120 days or more before tour begins- USD 300
– 110 to 120 days- USD 1000
– 90 to 110 days- USD 1500
– 60 to 89 days – 50% of the Tour Price;
– 0 to 59 days – No refunds will be issued
All refunds are subject to a deduction of USD 300 per booking
Can the tour not take place?
Guided tours will occasionally not have enough participants. In such (rare) case, your tour can be cancelled at least 30 days before the start. If possible we offer alternatives and if that is not possible, we shall of course refund all payments made until then.

Trip and cancellation insurance are highly recommended, we will not be responsible for non-refundable airfare.

Can I make changes after booking my tour?
Yes. We always try to honor requests for changes in your booking but we are dependent on the local possibilities. Our statement in such case: the sooner the better. We cannot make tour changes within 14 days before the tour starts. The costs per change, or combination of changes are upward of Euro 75.

Do I need a visa to travel to the U.S. or Canada?
Not all foreigners need a visa to enter the U.S. You can get information at the foreign affairs department or the U.S. embassy in your home country as to whether you need a visa or an ESTA application to waive your visa.
Canada has a similar program: ETA

Is airfare included in the tour price?
None of our tours include international airfare from your home to our tour destination; we leave that in your hands to take advantage of any frequent flyer preferences or use of points.

Is Gratuity for the guides included in the tour price?
In the United States and Canada it is customary to pay gratuities in addition to the tour fees. Some tour operators require a specific gratuity while others have a suggested amount. It varies with each tour company and will be provided upon request.