Maah Daah Hey

These 96 continuous miles of singletrack mountain bike route traverses North Dakota’s rugged badlands and weave through prairie teeming with wildlife. But riders aren’t drawn to this region just for the scenery; the Maah Daah Hey also offers world-class mountain biking. A real nature tour, away from civilization!


  • North Dakota’s Badlands
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
  • Epic riding, great scenery, and abundant wildlife.


TypeMountain bike
Duration 5 days
Daily distance12 – 35 mi
Total distance99 mi
Group sizemin. 6 max. 13
BicycleNot included
MonthMay, June, July, August, September
States or countryNorth Dakota
Airport startBismarck Municipal Airport (BIS)
Airport finishBismarck Municipal Airport (BIS)

Starting from $ 1,569.00

*Please note the prices are subject to change depending availability *

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