Cycling in Alaska

Bicycle tours over quiet roads through the overwhelming nature of Alaska. Beautiful cycling tours in the Glacier Bay Nation Park region.

Cycling conditions
Alaska is not very densely populated so the roads are not so busy. The state initiated a “share-the-road” campaign to raise the awareness of the motorized traffic to the presence of cyclists. There are cycling opportunities from the city of Anchorage, Haines and Skagway, on toward the north in Fairbanks.

Alaska is by far the largest state in America and is isolated in the northwest. In the east Alaska borders Canada. Much of the state is dominated by several mountain ranges and Mount McKinley (6194 meters) is the highest mountain in North America. The state houses seven National Parks of which Denali NP on the south coast and Glacier Bay NP and Wrangell-St. Elias NP are the most popular.

In the north there are polar deserts – a tundra climate with little rainfall. The south has a milder climate that is comparable with Belgium and the Netherlands. Despite the icy image of Alaska, day temperatures in the center and south of the state can reach 77-86° ( 25-30 ° C) in June, July and August. In this period night temperatures can drop to 40°( 5 ° C.)

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