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Cycling in Washington

This western state has a spectacular landscape of mountains, water and rain forests. Cycling is taken serious in Washington.

Cycling conditions
The central government is conducting an active policy to encourage cycling, both recreational and commuting. Also in the individual communities there are bicycle projects. There are many bike-friendly routes.

Washington has a spectacular scenery of mountains, water, and temperate rain forests. The state has three National Parks. Behind the beautiful Pacific coast are the Coast Mountains in the south, the Willapa Hills (900 m) and the Olympic Mountains to the north. Behind them begins a high inland plateau, the Cascade Range. The western slopes of the Cascades are wooded. The eastern (bare) slopes are going down to the eastern Columbia Basin, a vast lava plateau. Washington is a major grain and wood producer.

Temperate climate on the west coast. In summer the weather is usually excellent, with a chance of rain or cloudy days. Most rain falls between October and April. On the east side of the Cascades a more continental climate with hot summers and cold winters.