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Cycling in Vermont

Vermont lies in the heart of the New England region. Cycling through beautiful countryside, tranquil villages, rivers, lakes and forests.

Cycling conditions
The state gives good information about cycling to the (potential) cyclists and motorists. A minimum free distance (1,5 m) is determined between a cyclist and a motorized road user. There are not many initiatives to adapt to the road to a shared used with cyclists.

The name Vermont derives from the French “vert” and “Monte”, meaning green mountains. Much of the state consists of the green mountains, hills and fertile valleys of the Green Mountains, part of the Appalachians. Vermont is a typical New England state with a rural character. Beautiful villages, rivers and lakes. Beautiful autumn colors in the woods.

Summers are pleasant and warm. Vermont has a pleasant spring and the beautiful “Indian Summer” autumn. The winters are cold with lots of snow.