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Cycling in North Carolina

The south starts in North Carolina, with lazy towns and plantations. Inland the famous mountain top bike tour: the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Cycling conditions
The government supports many projects that promote cycling. The bike infrastructure is fairly well developed and there is a mountain bike network.

North Carolina can be divided into three regions: the coastal plains in the east, the Piedmont Region and the western Blue Ridge Mountains. At the coast there are lowlands with peat, called “Pocosin”. Off the coast lie the Outer Banks, a beautiful row of low islands. The central Piedmont Plateau is a broad rolling plateau with mixed forests. At the extreme west of the state are the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains, which are similar to the French Vosges.

In North Carolina summers are hot (up to 35 degrees) and humid. Cooler conditions in the mountain areas in the west. Pleasant spring and autumn. Very moderate winters.