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Cycling in New Mexico

No large cities in New Mexico, but a beautiful landscape with the Great Plains and mountain ranges. Nice to enjoy from the seat of your bicycle.

Cycling conditions
The state has a cycling advisory board which is not very active. The bike infrastructure is still a bit poor. Cyclists can not use all the roads.

New Mexico has many mountainous areas, with the foothills of the Rocky Mountains lying in the north. To the east are the Great Plains, with vast plains and high ‘table mountains’. In central and southern New Mexico mountain chains are separated by desert plains. This area is also known as the Basin and Range Region. Because of this varied landscape there is a clear distinction in the vegetation. The cool mountain slopes are covered with conifers while in the south cacti are the main vegetation.

This state has a southern desert climate with very hot, dry summers. Winters are cool but not cold. New Mexico is among the driest areas throughout North America. Precipitation mostly occurs during fall.