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Cycling in Hawaii

Six large and over a hundred small tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Volcanic landscape with unique wildlife.

Cycling conditions
Cycling is included in a road safety plan. Bicycle projects are sponsored by the government. The terrain is mountainous, but everywhere there are flatter routes along the coasts of the islands.

Hawaii consists of a series of tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A total of 122 islands (of which seven are inhabited) occurred after deep submarine volcanic activities. The landscape is very diverse and there is a rich flora and fauna, according to the compass location and height of an area on an island. See our tours on the Big Island and Maui.

Hawaii has a subtropical climate. All the islands of Hawaii have a dry side and wet side. On the east side of islands falls more rain, while the west is always drier. The daytime temperature in summer is around 85° (30° C) . Winter average temperature is 77° (25° C) .