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Cycling in Florida

The Florida coast. Great biking along the Miami beaches or a tour to the tip of the Keys.

Cycling conditions
The streets are reasonably adapted to the presence of cyclists. The (car) traffic can sometimes be busy. The coastal region and the interior are almost flat.

Florida consists of many (sometimes drained) marshes with the Everglades being the most famous. On both sides of these marshes there are long coastal stretches of sandy beaches. The northern part is less soggy, but nowhere the surface comes very far above the water level. There are over 165 rivers and 30,000 lakes of which the Okeechobee is the largest. The most southern part is a group of islands, the Florida Keys, all connected to each other by bridges.

Florida has a tropical or subtropical climate – hot humid summers and mild winters. In the south of the state are the temperatures several degrees higher than in the far north. It is sunny throughout the year. Best season is spring and autumn – with moderate temperatures and little rainfall.