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Cycling in Colorado

The most beautiful state in the USA? At least for the mountain bikers. Spectacular routes in the Rocky Mountains with gorgeous views.

Cycling conditions
The government tries to give the cyclist a safe position in traffic with the help of the ‘cyclist guide’. The bicycle safety is therefore increased in recent years. There is no state-wide bike route network. There are many mountain biking facilities.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in terms of nature and wildlife and is situated like a high island in the middle of the country. There are three major regions: the western Colorado Plateau, the Rocky Mountains (which actually split the state in two) and the Great Plains in the east.

Colorado has a dry land-climate. On the eastern plains this means warm to hot summers and very cold winters. In the west, under the influence of the Rocky Mountains is (and depending on the height) less extreme warm summers and cold winters.