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Cycling in Chile

Chile is a beautiful country, especially in the Paso Agua Negra Lake District. The south is recommended for everyone. There are many cyclists who cycle from the lake area to Tierra Del Fuego.

Cycling conditions
The roads in Chile are generally in pretty good condition. In any case, many streets are paved and major roads are asphalted. So this is good for cycling. Only on the asphalted roads is more traffic than other roads. In Patagonia you will find many gravel and sand roads. These are reasonably good to ride, even in bad weather.

Chile’s relief is for the most part mountainous, with the Andes range dominating the landscape. Because of the country’s extreme length it has a wide variety of climates, from the coastal desert beginning in the tropical north to the cold sub antarctic southern tip.

On average, Chile experiences mild southern hemispheric summers between November and January, with mean annual temperatures of 10°C-12°C, and wet winters between May and August, with precipitation of 72 millimeters (mm) to 90 mm per month.