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Cycling in California

Cycling is ‘hot’ in California and we offer a large selection of bike tours during almost the entire year. A popular destination. ‘Easy going’ and varied.

Cycling conditions
There is a good cycling awareness, particularly in the larger cities. Because of the sometimes high traffic intensity cyclists have to take care in this densely populated areas. The State encourages and supports cycling projects. There is ample supply of bicycle tours.

Cycling in California’s landscape is infinitely varied. The dry Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the east, and the Coastal Range hills in the west. North of San Francisco (Marin and the wine area) it is hilly and forested. South of San Francisco, between two mountain ranges, is the green Central Valley. California has the highest point in continental U.S., Mt. Whitney, as well as the lowest point, Death Valley.

The climate differs from one part of the state to the other. The north is wetter than the south. The coastal areas in the north are cool in summer and have mild winters. Along the coast south of San Francisco the weather is always mild. In the Central Valley, the summers are hot and winters are cold.