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Cycling in Argentina

Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world. The beautiful landscape with active volcanoes, clear glacial lakes and extensive primeval forests and of course the impressive mountain ranges of the Andes offer the opportunity to make beautiful cycling trips.

Cycling conditions
In general, you can cycle in Argentina all year long, with the exception of the extreme South (provinces Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego) where winters can get uncomfortably cold. Furthermore, summers in the North can get very rainy and humid at the same time. Spring and fall are thus the best time for your trip.

Most of Argentina is temperate lowlands, but its natural landscapes range from northeastern subtropical wetlands to the endless pampas grasslands, Andean uplands, and sprawling Patagonian steppes

In general, Argentina has four main climate types: warm, moderate, arid, and cold, all determined by the expanse across latitude, range in altitude, and relief features. The arid and cold climates predominate in the west and south while the warm and moderate climates predominate in the center and north.